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Zetland Park Methodist Church


Zetland Park Methodist Church exists to rejoice in the love of God. Who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

To this end, we are committed to building up a fellowship of Christian love that embraces all ages, and, through our prayer, property and our activity, to serving the people of the locality in which we are set.

January 2016
I would like to start the New Year by saying 'thank you'!

I guess the Minister, more than most, sees just how much time and effort many people put in to make the church work - to make it run smoothly. So I would like to acknowledge the commitment of those people who not only serve the church but more importantly serve God in what they do. These include our Local Preachers (most of whose work you do not see because it is done at other churches in the Circuit), our Church Stewards, our organists, our welcoming & communion stewards and those who look after the spiritual needs of children in the Sunday Squad. It also includes those who help in the upkeep of our property, those who manage our financial resources, our Pastoral Visitors and those who arrange for our refreshments and our meals. And we must not forget those whose work for God's Kingdom is outside the church, those who represent our church in the community, at the Foodbank, with the Redcar Beacons, in school assemblies and in a variety of other ways. All of these fulfil essential roles without which the church would not function well - so we need to say 'thank you' to them all. (...more)

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Featured : Sunday Squad

Sunday Squad welcomes children of all ages, and enjoys sharing worship, stories and activities every Sunday morning 10:45 am until 11:45 am. We join the main congregation for a short time at the beginning of the morning Church service then we leave to enjoy our own lessons. We share many events during the church year including a Christmas party, visit a pantomime, sponsored walks, coffee mornings to name a few. We would be very pleased to see new faces and would love to have you in the "squad".

By reading through the entries on our website we hope you gain a good insight into the work we do here at Zetland Park Methodist Church.

You can read some pastoral letters from our minister that are issued from time to time. For example a series on Lent.

For details of our regular acts or worship and other activities such as the Fellowship meetings please see our events diary and find out more about us or have a look at our church brochure that was published a few years ago. As a general guide to what's on you could look at a typical weekly diary.

From time to time we host special events such as Flower Festivals. You might want to look at some images from the Flower Festival held in 2009.

A couple of pages detail some of the history of the Church at Zetland Park. You can read a history of Zetland Park including the list of ministers in a special booklet prepared for the 75th anniversary in 2004. Also we some brief notes regarding the old and new organ

If you would like to get in touch or find out where we are then please do contact us

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Welcome Services & Events News & Letters Weekly Diary About Us Thursday @Church Flower Festival History The Organ Contact Us
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