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Zetland Park Methodist Church exists to rejoice in the love of God. Who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

To this end, we are committed to building up a fellowship of Christian love that embraces all ages, and, through our prayer, property and our activity, to serving the people of the locality in which we are set.

Lent 2019

When our youngsters were kids they first got into Taekwondo before later moving into gymnastics. In both these disciplines they were required to learn moves, rehearse them time and again until they had, as near as they could, perfected them and they where then assessed before being allowed to move on to the next level of skill. I guess in that sense it was not that much different from how I had to learn to play the piano & organ, progressing through the grades, each one with a period of examination.

Now Lent, which starts on 6th March, is a time when traditionally we have the opportunity for self-examination, a time to reflect on our progress as Christians, in what we do and say, in our understanding of the Bible and our own spiritual disciplines and devotions. The period, of course, draws it's inspiration from the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, communing with God and being tempted by Satan, at the start of his ministry.

We shall be doing something in the way of a study on consecutive Sunday evenings throughout Lent - but as I write this in only the second week of February it is still far too early to say exactly what form that will take!

However, for your personal use I would highly recommend a booklet from All we Can called "Travel Lightly". It contains daily reflections, activities and prayers, written by the likes of our President of the Methodist Conference, but linking to communities around the world. What I really like about it is that it encourages us to go beyond just reading and reflecting, by inspiring us into action with some really good ideas and suggests links to some other great and inspiring resources! It also has a 6 week focus for groups to get their heads around. I will order 50 copies which will be available from me on a first-come, first-served basis. However, you can order your own copy direct from All We Can if you wish.

With Easter being so late this year, hopefully Lent will feel a lot more relaxed than in some years when it starts so soon after Covenant Services, and I would encourage you to use it as a time to reflect, examine, encourage and inspire yourselves as we together seek for greater commitment to our Lord.


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