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On 30th July the Redcar Triathlon passed Zetland Park Methodist Church. On that morning we opened our doors and made our facilities available to spectators.

Zetland Park Methodist Church


Zetland Park Methodist Church exists to rejoice in the love of God. Who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

To this end, we are committed to building up a fellowship of Christian love that embraces all ages, and, through our prayer, property and our activity, to serving the people of the locality in which we are set.

Love, not religious rules

One of Jesus’ stories was about a man who was robbed, beaten and left for dead. Two religious people who might be expected to help him were passing by, but refused to get involved. Instead the person least likely to assist a Jew was the one who rescued him - a resident of despised neighbouring Samaria.

This story has become known as The Good Samaritan. Jesus did not spell out the meaning, but it is obvious that he meant his followers to understand that a person from another religion was just as capable of showing the love of God as those who think that their relationship with him is exclusive.

It was a Pharisee who prompted Jesus to tell the parable by asking, ‘Who is my neighbour?’ The tone of his question was that he wanted to love the right people, as duty demanded. But Jesus made it clear that in God’s Kingdom love would have no boundaries. ‘Love your enemies and do good to those who hate you,’ he said. (...christianity.org.uk) Picture of the building

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