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Zetland Park Methodist Church - Who we are

Zetland Park Methodist Church exists to rejoice in the love of God. Who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To this end, we are committed to building up a fellowship of Christian love that embraces all ages, and, through our prayer, property and our activity, to serving the people of the locality in which we are set.

You are welcome to attend our services and meetings. Check the Events Diary for details of dates and times.

Zetland Park Methodist Church is part of the Cleveland and Danby Circuit. For information about other churches in the circuit see the circuit web site.

In 2004 we published a Church Brochure. This is in the process of being updated. The most recent information about who we are and what we do is listed below:

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The central feature of the life of Zetland Park Church is its Sunday Worship. The main service (at 10.45am) begins with a welcome from the steward and then a short period of quiet prayer, or other introduction, as we prepare to meet with God. The members of the Sunday Squad share with us for the first part of the service, in which we pray and sing together and the preacher offers a short introduction to the service, before the children leave for their own activities. The readings, sermon and prayers then follow. Our style of worship varies and includes traditional forms, songs of praise and cafe.

Usually one of the morning services each month will included Holy Communion. All who wish to come are welcome at the Lord’s table; when present, children usually come to receive a blessing rather then the elements, as do some adults who do not wish to take the bread and wine.

Worship is often streamed and recorded for those who are unable to attend in person.

When Sunday evening worship is planned it is usually at 6.00pm and is arranged jointly with our friends from Newcomen and Marske churches.

Sunday Squad

Every effort is made to help the children feel a part of the ‘whole’ church, and we encourage many ways of building up a family relationship. We aim to encourage the children to learn more about God and his son Jesus Christ, through friendship, games, and learning together. We hope to encourage the children, through activities, stories and play, to discover what God is saying to them and their situation, through the Bible.

The Sunday Squad meets on Sunday Mornings at the same time as the main act of worship.

Sunday Squad welcomes children of all ages, and enjoys sharing worship, stories and activities every Sunday morning 10:45 am until 11:45 am. We join the main congregation for a short time at the beginning of the morning Church service then we leave to enjoy our own lessons. We share many events during the church year including a Christmas party, visit a pantomime, sponsored walks, coffee mornings to name a few. We would be very pleased to see new faces and would love to have you in the "squad".

Community Luncheon Club

The Community Luncheon Club is held once a month for the benefit of old people in the local area who are house bound, not well or in need of friendship. We meet every first Tuesday at the Church. We start with a lunch, a cup of tea and a biscuit or cake, followed by a half-hour service or entertainment.

We have drivers who collect the old people and take them home afterward, and a team of people (with food hygiene training) who help in the kitchen, serve the meals or look after the diners.

Offers of help, especially drivers, are always appreciated.

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Thursday @Church

Meets alternate Thursdays at 7:30pm, for bible study and topical discussion, as listed in the notices.

Study notes are sometimes published to enable those who cannot attend to follow what the group is doing.

Friday @Ten : Prayer and Meditation

Meets monthly on Fridays at 10:00am, for prayer and meditation, as listed in the notices.

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